The Hive Mind Art Project

We are delighted to introduce the Hive Mind Art Project, a monthly, student-run podcast dedicated to bringing you an insight into the minds of all the varied individuals you may encounter in the world of art. From Artists to dealers, public galleries to private collectors, the project’s goal is to give a voice to the world of art.

This podcast is run by Emily Glynn-Farrell and Laura McKenna, in conjunction with the Irish Association of Art Historian. All views expressed in the Podcast are their own and that of their guests. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the IAAH or their respective universities.

Emily Glynn-Farrell is a Masters student of Art History at UCD where she has also completed a BA in Archaeology and Art History. Her passion and enthusiasm for all things art related started at a young age and was the driving force behind co-founding this project.

Laura McKenna is undergraduate student of the History of Art and Architecture and Italian at Trinity College Dublin.

For the blog and full details of the podcast, visit:




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