IAAH/Artefact Annual Study Day 2008

The 2008 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 1 March at Newman House.

2008 Study Day Participants:

  • Jane Humphries From subversion to celebration: the emergence of a domestic avant-garde in contemporary Irish art
  • Reidin McSweeney RE: PERFORMANCE – the role of the audience in the documentation of Marina Abramovic’s performances
  • Simon Knowles Two-way traffic: the sister arts tradition and urban representations in nineteenth-century England
  • Lucy Dawe-Lane Staring into space: an examination of two of Goya’s portraits as reflections upon artistic identity and process
  • Fiona Loughnane Colin Middleton, Dalí and the originality of Irish art
  • Liam Lenihan James Barry and Henry Fuseli: a partial view of fragment and fantasy
  • Audrey Nicholls The representation of beauty and luxury in the Venetian narrative theme of Christ and the adulteress
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