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The IAAH Blog series is taking a break for the summer and will return in autumn 2021. In the meantime, previous entries are available at the links below. The blog was started as a mechanism to stay engaged with members during Covid. It has proved very popular and we hope to retain it as a feature on the website after the IAAH resumes in-person activities.

Thanks to Fernando for the last post which juxtapositioned Paul Henry’s ‘Turf stack in the bog’ and Richard Long’s ‘Kilkenny Limestone’ and marks thirty years since the inaugural IMMA exhibition. There is an addition to the Olympic Games entry, namely an image of Letitia Hamilton’s bronze medal winning painting as identified in Stephen Odlum’s book on the artist and her sister. Eamonn Ceannt, the subject of Laura’s post, currently features in the Holywood International Art and Sculpture Fair in Belfast and John Lavery’s treaty portraits, from our first post, will be part of an exhibition scheduled for later this year at the Irish Embassy in London. Many thanks to all the contributors for sharing their research on the blog and we hope you have enjoyed reading them.




Click on the link below to access previous IAAH Blogs

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  6. Deaccessioning: A Necessary or Elective Surgery? Chloe Aboud.
  7. Exchange and collision: Paul Henry’s Turf stack in bog and Richard Long’s Kilkenny Limestone Circle. Fernando Sánchez-Migallón Cano.

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