IAAH/Artefact Annual Study Day 2009

The 2009 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 4 April at Newman House.

2009 Study Day Participants:

  • Orla Fitzpatrick Victorian gallery: Louisa Tenison’s photographic and mixed media album, 1864-1874
  • Mary Healy Women Orientalist Artist-Explorers of 19th Century France: uncovering the life narrative, artistic career and oeuvre of Marie Elisabeth Aimée Lucas Robiquet (1858-1959)
  • Niamh NicGhabhann Reconstructions of the Gothic Past – Cultures of Conservation
  • Muireann Charleton Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism: a cocktail for consumer craving in a rural Irish department store, 1878-1930
  • Anna Kadzik-Bartoszewska Uniforms of the earthly calling: studies of the Egyptian archaeological garments from the collection of the National Museum of Ireland
  • Hannah Olivia Malone Private and public memory: the Staglieno Cemetery at Genoa
  • Valerie Moffat Material Culture and Motherhood in late Eighteenth-Century Dublin: the case of Mrs. Meliora Adlercron
  • Louise Kelly The Representation of Barrack Room Scenes (Kortegaardjes) by Pieter Codde in 17th Century Dutch Art
  • Hilary Sexton Music or Sound as an Integral Element of Irish Contemporary Art Practice: A Focus on Vivienne Roche; Her Formal and Conceptual Use of Musical Instruments
  • Kathleen Hamel Claudel translates Ovid
  • Michael Waldron Much (and perhaps the best) of my writing is verbal painting: the Modernist Aesthetic of Elizabeth Bowen
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