IAAH/Artefact Study Day

IAAH/Artefact Symposium 2023

Call for Papers

Saturday, 6th May 2023 Trinity College Dublin, Trinity Long Room Hub

The Irish Association of Art Historians and Artefact: Journal of the Irish Association of Art Historians, are holding a Symposium to celebrate and encourage current research in Art History & Visual Culture in Ireland.

We are interested in unpublished work on any topic relevant to the discipline. The call is open to all, and we hope to hear from students, practising artists, curators, and early career and established scholars.

Abstracts of approximately 250 words for 20-minute presentations should be submitted by Friday, 24th March 2023to artefactjournal@gmail.com, along with a short biographical note.

Although the study day is open to all, please consider becoming an IAAH member. Annual membership from €12 (which includes a subscription to Artefact journal) To join, see: https://artefactjournal.com/iaah/iaah-membership/


The 2016 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 12 March at the National Gallery of Ireland.

Study Day Participants:

  • Dr Colleen M. Thomas – The Evangelists’ Shoes and Monastic Fashion– The 9th Century Edit
  • Laura McCloskey – Pre-Christian Stylistic Motifs and Symbolism in the Book of Durrow and the Book of Kells
  • Katherine Sedovic – Naïve Youth or Enlightened Knight? Depictions of Chrétien de Troyes’ Perceval in Parchment and Ivory
  • Killian Downing and Nicola O’Shea – The Sir Denis Mahon Library and Archive: An Introduction
  • Aoife Brady – Guido Reni: Workshop Practices and Painting Techniques
  • Geraldine Canavan – Queen Victoria’s Sun-Pictures: Photographic Portraits after 1861
  • Rosemarie Devereux – An examination of the illustrations in the magazine A Celtic Christmas (1897-1910)
  • William Shortall – Hilary Heron: A Pioneering Modernist
  • Jan Frohburg – “…with more Picassos than anyone else in America” Mary Callery –artist, collector, benefactor

The 2015 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 21 March at the National Gallery of Ireland. 

Study Day Participants:

  • Rachel Healy – A Venetian Double Portrait in the National Gallery of Ireland: A Question of Identity
  • Elaine Hoysted – Art in the Service of the Ideal – Depicting the Maternal Bond in Ghirlandaio’s Birth of the Virgin, Tornabuoni Chapel, Santa Maria Novella
  • Laura Fitzachary – Reviewing the Reliquary Shrine: The Effects of Pilgrimage Culture and Growing Papal Authority on Administering Relic and Saint Cults in Ireland
  • Paul Donnelly – The Rise and Fall of Harry Clarke Stained Glass Limited
  • Kerstina Mortensen – Photo/Memory: Recovering Memory and Identity through Photographs in Post-1945 Art and Literature  
  • Julie Daunt – Breaking Down the Walls: A Reassessment of the Belfast Murals
  • Jacqueline Wylie – A New Canvas? How are Visual Artists Exploiting the Emergent Potential of Social Media and the Internet; and How do the Hybrid Methodologies Required to Work in this Medium Impact on Material (Post-Digital) Practice?

The 2014 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 12 April at the National Gallery of Ireland. 

Study Day Participants:

  • Dr Sinéad Furlong-Clancy –Fashion and the Painting of Parisian Modernity: New Academic and Curatorial Perspectives
  • Anusia Grennell –The Designer-Agent: Jan van Toorn at Van Abbemuseum, 1964-1973
  • Robin Fuller – Lissitzky’s Ambiguous Spaces
  • Małgorzata DynakSaint Demetrius’ Equestrian Iconography and the Icons from the Natasha Allen Collection (NGI)
  • Padraig Edwards – Italian Form, Irish Function: An Analysis of the Fresco Cycle Decorating the Interior of the  Aula Teologica in the Franciscan Convent of San Isidoro, Rome
  • Emer Lynch – The Production of Irish Penal Crucifixes: Commodity or Concealment?
  • Dr Louise Kelly – Pieter Codde and his manipulation of the 17thCentury Amsterdam Art Market
  • Aleksandra Jaśniewicz – Beyond the Courtier`s Mask:  Portraits in Gdańsk in the 2nd half of the 17th Century
  • Michael O’Sullivan – A Formal Seventeenth-Century Elite Garden at Doneraile, Co. Cork
  • Bengü Aydin – Turkish Artists in the Quest of “New Art”:  The Repercussions of Modernism in the Nation-Building Process of the 1930s with a Comparative Perspective to European and non-European Modernists
  • Seana Farrington – Turning Information into Data: Taking the Bantry Papers Archive Online
  • Alexandra Murphy  – Artist/Administrator/Entrepreneur: Individual Roles and Organisational Forms in Irish Artist-Run Galleries
  • Kathryn O’Regan – The Highly Significant Fragment’: Allegory, Enigma and Politics in Rosemarie Trockel’s Collages since 2004

The 2013 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 20 April at the National Gallery of Ireland.

Study Day Participants:

  • Emma Mahony – The Deviant Art Institution and the Public Sphere
  • Mark O’Brien – ‘Rock, Paper Scissors: The DIY Punk Zine and its Influence in Contemporary Visual Culture’
  • Martina Hynan – Visions of Reproduction: The Anatomical Venus in Victorian Dublin
  • Nina Holmes – Prescribing Ideologies: Symptoms of Modernism and Modernity in Irish Government Health Campaigns (1950-1964)
  • Jennifer Keane – A Room with a View: The Virgin and Child attributed to Botticelli at the Stibbert Museum, Florence
  • Jessica Fahy-  ‘For Her Eyes Only’: Bronzino’s Chapel of Eleonora di Toledo
  • Deirdre Kelly – The Irish at the Armory 1913
  • Sarah Kelleher – Coming Close to Touch: Trauma, Empathy and Affect in the Site-Specific Installations of Rebecca Horn
  • Donncha MacGabhann – Turning the Tables – an alternative hypothesis for understanding the canon tables in the Book of Kells
  • Leslie O’Connor Turner – Sacred Text, Secular Artist: Mapping the Geographies of Bordone’s illumination of the Evangeliary of Santa Giustina
  • Mary Jane Boland – A moment from a story or the story of a moment? The literary construction of paintings of everyday life from early-nineteenth-century Ireland
  • Sue Rainsford – Inscriptive Thorns: Textuality as Artwork, Writing as Visual Presence

The 2012 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 14 April at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

2012 Study Day Participants:

  • Sarah Maguire – Syphilis, Spots, Succour and Spirit: the bunter in Hogarth’s A Harlot’s Progress
  • Emma O’Toole– Sketching Modern Motherhood: The Drawings of Maria Spilsbury
  • Geraldine Canavan – Notions of old and the older woman
  • Holly Brennan – Beauty in the Streets: the legacy of the Atelier Populaire
  • Sean Dunne – Colour Commentary- Tracing Racial Formations from European Art to American Sport
  • Liza Foley – ‘Instruments of Inducement’ – Limerick Gloves and Gift Exchange in the Late Eighteenth-Century
  • Darragh O’Donoghue – ‘Naive’ or ‘Primitive’ portraiture in Irish art
  • Kalya Rose – The Art of Illumination in Ulster During the Victorian Period: Marcus Ward and Co., John Vinycomb, & the Celtic Revival
  • Rebecca Campion – Viewing the display: using visitor accounts to explore the lost art collections of the Earl Bishop (1780s-1820s)
  • Eimir O’Brien – Designing for God
  • Sarah Wilson – Themes of Death and Rebirth in Roman Funerary Art

The 2011 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 9 April at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

2011 Study Day Participants:

  • Louis Weyhe Funder – Modern Danish Furniture and Finn Juhl
  • Siobhán Enright – Gendering the Car: Automobile Advertising in Twentieth Century Ireland
  • Jennifer Fitzgibbon – Cultures in Transit: Artistic mobility between Britain and Ireland since 1970
  • Jessica Fahy – Engaging the Female Viewer in Sacred Spaces: Botticelli’s altarpiece The Holy Trinity with Saints (1491-94) for the nuns of Sant’Elisabetta dell Convertile
  • Niamh A. O’Sullivan – Space and women art students in the early years of the Slade School of Art: an examination of Dorothy Tennant’s relationship with physical and emotional space in the Slade, 1873-1877
  • Valerie Alexander – Anne Yeats (1919-2001)
  • Karen Ralph – All Aboard: Iconographical Interpretation Problems in the Book of Ballymote Miniature
  • Silvia Guglielmini – Designing Irish Identity on Posters: The Politics of Tourism Representations in An Tostal
  • Kathryn Milligan – Dear Dirty Dublin: Harry Kernoff and the Modern City
  • Jessica Cunningham – National Identity and the Visual Language of the Home Rule Movement
  • Fiona Fullam – Art/Writing

The 2010 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 10 April at the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks.

2010 Study Day Participants:

  • Rose Mary Cullen, Stitched with Devotion: The Agnus Dei and the Piety Case as Devotional Objects
  • Ruth Musielak, Madame da Cunha prefers her own ‘Dunghill’ to a Palace: city lodging and country visiting in early eighteenth-century London
  • Bláithín Hurley, The Display of Magnificence and Splendore as described by Giovanni Pontano in his I trattati delle Virtù sociali
  • Caroline McGee, ‘A Lady Painting in a Glade’: reassessing the work of Mildred Anne Butler (1858-1941)
  • Amanda Holloway, Insert Experience Here: Reframing the Self in Northern Ireland between Memory, Testimony and Belonging
  • Rachel Warriner, A Hellish History: 1950s culture and massmedia in Rauschenberg’s XXXIV Drawings for Dante’s Inferno
  • John P Hartnett, Derrida by Default: WolfgangWeingart & the Accidental Deconstruction of Swiss Typography
  • Gemma Carroll, Encountering Merz: Face to Face
  • Wendy Williams, If you are an Irishman… Recruiting posters, 1914 – c.1935

The 2009 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 4 April at Newman House.

2009 Study Day Participants:

  • Orla Fitzpatrick Victorian gallery: Louisa Tenison’s photographic and mixed media album, 1864-1874
  • Mary Healy Women Orientalist Artist-Explorers of 19th Century France: uncovering the life narrative, artistic career and oeuvre of Marie Elisabeth Aimée Lucas Robiquet (1858-1959)
  • Niamh NicGhabhann Reconstructions of the Gothic Past – Cultures of Conservation
  • Muireann Charleton Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism: a cocktail for consumer craving in a rural Irish department store, 1878-1930
  • Anna Kadzik-Bartoszewska Uniforms of the earthly calling: studies of the Egyptian archaeological garments from the collection of the National Museum of Ireland
  • Hannah Olivia Malone Private and public memory: the Staglieno Cemetery at Genoa
  • Valerie Moffat Material Culture and Motherhood in late Eighteenth-Century Dublin: the case of Mrs. Meliora Adlercron
  • Louise Kelly The Representation of Barrack Room Scenes (Kortegaardjes) by Pieter Codde in 17th Century Dutch Art
  • Hilary Sexton Music or Sound as an Integral Element of Irish Contemporary Art Practice: A Focus on Vivienne Roche; Her Formal and Conceptual Use of Musical Instruments
  • Kathleen Hamel Claudel translates Ovid
  • Michael Waldron Much (and perhaps the best) of my writing is verbal painting: the Modernist Aesthetic of Elizabeth Bowen

The 2008 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 1 March at Newman House.

2008 Study Day Participants:

  • Jane Humphries From subversion to celebration: the emergence of a domestic avant-garde in contemporary Irish art
  • Reidin McSweeney RE: PERFORMANCE – the role of the audience in the documentation of Marina Abramovic’s performances
  • Simon Knowles Two-way traffic: the sister arts tradition and urban representations in nineteenth-century England
  • Lucy Dawe-Lane Staring into space: an examination of two of Goya’s portraits as reflections upon artistic identity and process
  • Fiona Loughnane Colin Middleton, Dalí and the originality of Irish art
  • Liam Lenihan James Barry and Henry Fuseli: a partial view of fragment and fantasy
  • Audrey Nicholls The representation of beauty and luxury in the Venetian narrative theme of Christ and the adulteress
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