IAAH/Artefact Study Day

The 2016 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 12 March at the National Gallery of Ireland.

Study Day Participants:

  • Dr Colleen M. Thomas – The Evangelists’ Shoes and Monastic Fashion– The 9th Century Edit
  • Laura McCloskey – Pre-Christian Stylistic Motifs and Symbolism in the Book of Durrow and the Book of Kells
  • Katherine Sedovic – Naïve Youth or Enlightened Knight? Depictions of Chrétien de Troyes’ Perceval in Parchment and Ivory
  • Killian Downing and Nicola O’Shea – The Sir Denis Mahon Library and Archive: An Introduction
  • Aoife Brady – Guido Reni: Workshop Practices and Painting Techniques
  • Geraldine Canavan – Queen Victoria’s Sun-Pictures: Photographic Portraits after 1861
  • Rosemarie Devereux – An examination of the illustrations in the magazine A Celtic Christmas (1897-1910)
  • William Shortall – Hilary Heron: A Pioneering Modernist
  • Jan Frohburg – “…with more Picassos than anyone else in America” Mary Callery –artist, collector, benefactor

The 2015 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 21 March at the National Gallery of Ireland. 

Study Day Participants:

  • Rachel Healy – A Venetian Double Portrait in the National Gallery of Ireland: A Question of Identity
  • Elaine Hoysted – Art in the Service of the Ideal – Depicting the Maternal Bond in Ghirlandaio’s Birth of the Virgin, Tornabuoni Chapel, Santa Maria Novella
  • Laura Fitzachary – Reviewing the Reliquary Shrine: The Effects of Pilgrimage Culture and Growing Papal Authority on Administering Relic and Saint Cults in Ireland
  • Paul Donnelly – The Rise and Fall of Harry Clarke Stained Glass Limited
  • Kerstina Mortensen – Photo/Memory: Recovering Memory and Identity through Photographs in Post-1945 Art and Literature  
  • Julie Daunt – Breaking Down the Walls: A Reassessment of the Belfast Murals
  • Jacqueline Wylie – A New Canvas? How are Visual Artists Exploiting the Emergent Potential of Social Media and the Internet; and How do the Hybrid Methodologies Required to Work in this Medium Impact on Material (Post-Digital) Practice?

The 2014 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 12 April at the National Gallery of Ireland. 

Study Day Participants:

  • Dr Sinéad Furlong-Clancy –Fashion and the Painting of Parisian Modernity: New Academic and Curatorial Perspectives
  • Anusia Grennell –The Designer-Agent: Jan van Toorn at Van Abbemuseum, 1964-1973
  • Robin Fuller – Lissitzky’s Ambiguous Spaces
  • Małgorzata DynakSaint Demetrius’ Equestrian Iconography and the Icons from the Natasha Allen Collection (NGI)
  • Padraig Edwards – Italian Form, Irish Function: An Analysis of the Fresco Cycle Decorating the Interior of the  Aula Teologica in the Franciscan Convent of San Isidoro, Rome
  • Emer Lynch – The Production of Irish Penal Crucifixes: Commodity or Concealment?
  • Dr Louise Kelly – Pieter Codde and his manipulation of the 17thCentury Amsterdam Art Market
  • Aleksandra Jaśniewicz – Beyond the Courtier`s Mask:  Portraits in Gdańsk in the 2nd half of the 17th Century
  • Michael O’Sullivan – A Formal Seventeenth-Century Elite Garden at Doneraile, Co. Cork
  • Bengü Aydin – Turkish Artists in the Quest of “New Art”:  The Repercussions of Modernism in the Nation-Building Process of the 1930s with a Comparative Perspective to European and non-European Modernists
  • Seana Farrington – Turning Information into Data: Taking the Bantry Papers Archive Online
  • Alexandra Murphy  – Artist/Administrator/Entrepreneur: Individual Roles and Organisational Forms in Irish Artist-Run Galleries
  • Kathryn O’Regan – The Highly Significant Fragment’: Allegory, Enigma and Politics in Rosemarie Trockel’s Collages since 2004

The 2013 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 20 April at the National Gallery of Ireland.

Study Day Participants:

  • Emma Mahony – The Deviant Art Institution and the Public Sphere
  • Mark O’Brien – ‘Rock, Paper Scissors: The DIY Punk Zine and its Influence in Contemporary Visual Culture’
  • Martina Hynan – Visions of Reproduction: The Anatomical Venus in Victorian Dublin
  • Nina Holmes – Prescribing Ideologies: Symptoms of Modernism and Modernity in Irish Government Health Campaigns (1950-1964)
  • Jennifer Keane – A Room with a View: The Virgin and Child attributed to Botticelli at the Stibbert Museum, Florence
  • Jessica Fahy-  ‘For Her Eyes Only’: Bronzino’s Chapel of Eleonora di Toledo
  • Deirdre Kelly – The Irish at the Armory 1913
  • Sarah Kelleher – Coming Close to Touch: Trauma, Empathy and Affect in the Site-Specific Installations of Rebecca Horn
  • Donncha MacGabhann – Turning the Tables – an alternative hypothesis for understanding the canon tables in the Book of Kells
  • Leslie O’Connor Turner – Sacred Text, Secular Artist: Mapping the Geographies of Bordone’s illumination of the Evangeliary of Santa Giustina
  • Mary Jane Boland – A moment from a story or the story of a moment? The literary construction of paintings of everyday life from early-nineteenth-century Ireland
  • Sue Rainsford – Inscriptive Thorns: Textuality as Artwork, Writing as Visual Presence

The 2012 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 14 April at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

2012 Study Day Participants:

  • Sarah Maguire – Syphilis, Spots, Succour and Spirit: the bunter in Hogarth’s A Harlot’s Progress
  • Emma O’Toole– Sketching Modern Motherhood: The Drawings of Maria Spilsbury
  • Geraldine Canavan – Notions of old and the older woman
  • Holly Brennan – Beauty in the Streets: the legacy of the Atelier Populaire
  • Sean Dunne – Colour Commentary- Tracing Racial Formations from European Art to American Sport
  • Liza Foley – ‘Instruments of Inducement’ – Limerick Gloves and Gift Exchange in the Late Eighteenth-Century
  • Darragh O’Donoghue – ‘Naive’ or ‘Primitive’ portraiture in Irish art
  • Kalya Rose – The Art of Illumination in Ulster During the Victorian Period: Marcus Ward and Co., John Vinycomb, & the Celtic Revival
  • Rebecca Campion – Viewing the display: using visitor accounts to explore the lost art collections of the Earl Bishop (1780s-1820s)
  • Eimir O’Brien – Designing for God
  • Sarah Wilson – Themes of Death and Rebirth in Roman Funerary Art

The 2011 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 9 April at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

2011 Study Day Participants:

  • Louis Weyhe Funder – Modern Danish Furniture and Finn Juhl
  • Siobhán Enright – Gendering the Car: Automobile Advertising in Twentieth Century Ireland
  • Jennifer Fitzgibbon – Cultures in Transit: Artistic mobility between Britain and Ireland since 1970
  • Jessica Fahy – Engaging the Female Viewer in Sacred Spaces: Botticelli’s altarpiece The Holy Trinity with Saints (1491-94) for the nuns of Sant’Elisabetta dell Convertile
  • Niamh A. O’Sullivan – Space and women art students in the early years of the Slade School of Art: an examination of Dorothy Tennant’s relationship with physical and emotional space in the Slade, 1873-1877
  • Valerie Alexander – Anne Yeats (1919-2001)
  • Karen Ralph – All Aboard: Iconographical Interpretation Problems in the Book of Ballymote Miniature
  • Silvia Guglielmini – Designing Irish Identity on Posters: The Politics of Tourism Representations in An Tostal
  • Kathryn Milligan – Dear Dirty Dublin: Harry Kernoff and the Modern City
  • Jessica Cunningham – National Identity and the Visual Language of the Home Rule Movement
  • Fiona Fullam – Art/Writing

The 2010 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 10 April at the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks.

2010 Study Day Participants:

  • Rose Mary Cullen, Stitched with Devotion: The Agnus Dei and the Piety Case as Devotional Objects
  • Ruth Musielak, Madame da Cunha prefers her own ‘Dunghill’ to a Palace: city lodging and country visiting in early eighteenth-century London
  • Bláithín Hurley, The Display of Magnificence and Splendore as described by Giovanni Pontano in his I trattati delle Virtù sociali
  • Caroline McGee, ‘A Lady Painting in a Glade’: reassessing the work of Mildred Anne Butler (1858-1941)
  • Amanda Holloway, Insert Experience Here: Reframing the Self in Northern Ireland between Memory, Testimony and Belonging
  • Rachel Warriner, A Hellish History: 1950s culture and massmedia in Rauschenberg’s XXXIV Drawings for Dante’s Inferno
  • John P Hartnett, Derrida by Default: WolfgangWeingart & the Accidental Deconstruction of Swiss Typography
  • Gemma Carroll, Encountering Merz: Face to Face
  • Wendy Williams, If you are an Irishman… Recruiting posters, 1914 – c.1935

The 2009 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 4 April at Newman House.

2009 Study Day Participants:

  • Orla Fitzpatrick Victorian gallery: Louisa Tenison’s photographic and mixed media album, 1864-1874
  • Mary Healy Women Orientalist Artist-Explorers of 19th Century France: uncovering the life narrative, artistic career and oeuvre of Marie Elisabeth Aimée Lucas Robiquet (1858-1959)
  • Niamh NicGhabhann Reconstructions of the Gothic Past – Cultures of Conservation
  • Muireann Charleton Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism: a cocktail for consumer craving in a rural Irish department store, 1878-1930
  • Anna Kadzik-Bartoszewska Uniforms of the earthly calling: studies of the Egyptian archaeological garments from the collection of the National Museum of Ireland
  • Hannah Olivia Malone Private and public memory: the Staglieno Cemetery at Genoa
  • Valerie Moffat Material Culture and Motherhood in late Eighteenth-Century Dublin: the case of Mrs. Meliora Adlercron
  • Louise Kelly The Representation of Barrack Room Scenes (Kortegaardjes) by Pieter Codde in 17th Century Dutch Art
  • Hilary Sexton Music or Sound as an Integral Element of Irish Contemporary Art Practice: A Focus on Vivienne Roche; Her Formal and Conceptual Use of Musical Instruments
  • Kathleen Hamel Claudel translates Ovid
  • Michael Waldron Much (and perhaps the best) of my writing is verbal painting: the Modernist Aesthetic of Elizabeth Bowen

The 2008 IAAH/Artefact Study Day was held on Saturday, 1 March at Newman House.

2008 Study Day Participants:

  • Jane Humphries From subversion to celebration: the emergence of a domestic avant-garde in contemporary Irish art
  • Reidin McSweeney RE: PERFORMANCE – the role of the audience in the documentation of Marina Abramovic’s performances
  • Simon Knowles Two-way traffic: the sister arts tradition and urban representations in nineteenth-century England
  • Lucy Dawe-Lane Staring into space: an examination of two of Goya’s portraits as reflections upon artistic identity and process
  • Fiona Loughnane Colin Middleton, Dalí and the originality of Irish art
  • Liam Lenihan James Barry and Henry Fuseli: a partial view of fragment and fantasy
  • Audrey Nicholls The representation of beauty and luxury in the Venetian narrative theme of Christ and the adulteress
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